A god in a box

English Engelska الإنجليزيّة

I am a god.
I don't eat at a dining table.
Why would I need a scented candle
when I can set the sky on fire?
I don't care if they come in all colours
if they smell like vanilla or cinnamon
oh they have the coconut scent
that's quite irresistible, I'll take ten.

I am a god.
I sleep on mountains and walk on forests
nothing tickle my toes like tree tops
but for variation I could try a rug
a striped and one with polka dots, why not.
When I have guests we could dine at a table
I'll take a cloth as well and glasses for many
next party we won't have beer from the barrel.

I am a god.
I bring order out of chaos.
Now I'm lost among shelves with night lamps
a mountain of shopping is blocking my sight.
I'm stuck in a big, blue box called IKEA.

I am Thor.
My mother is the earth.
Now her forests are plundered
oil and metals are taken from her
to make and transport all this stuff
while I'm picking another striped rug.