Always almost

English Engelska الإنجليزيّة

Transportation with the sensation of drops that just managed to escape.

A box in the middle of the road, unfolding the echoes of waking up when the day is me and the moment is past, future and present.

Clouds like rugged dreams pushed away by polished aspirations.

The bird that changes her altitude: trims all engines.

Far away the crushing of crystal vases on the backyard of a dollar store.

The driver is not driving, the car is constant idle, but I push my foot to the asphalt that glimmers.

Time that could have been anything but only became something.

Life is always almost.

Anger, mistakes, evil – maybe intentional.

The twentieth time.

The hundredth time.

Thousandth time.

Transportation with the sensation of drops loved by the wind.

Not counting anymore.

And we are still here.