Archaeological findings

English Engelska الإنجليزيّة

In year 202^3, some archeologists found a house.
Next to it, they found a concrete box dug into the ground.
They realized that was were people threw the prisoners.
A place to serve their duty without food or books.
Just a rubber duck with staring wide eyes.

Inside the house, the archeologists found shoes.
Really narrow with a cylinder under the heel.
They knew those were for petty criminals.
A foot prison to stumble around in.
Walking distance and cylinder height
depending on the stolen item's value.

The archeologist wondered about the criminals
worse than petty but not bad enough for prison.
They wondered until the found a vehicle.
Placed indoor and resembling an electric bicycle.
It had wheels that did not touch the ground.
They came to the conclusion that was the item.
People that commited semi-serous crimes
was to sit there and ride and ride and ride.
Ride for weeks without getting anywhere.