At the museum

English Engelska الإنجليزيّة

I liked that it had movement
It made me contemplate about
how motion can be really slow
So slow it appears as though
nothing really happens at all

That movement made me think
about the concept of time
How very long a human life
and how painfully short
Full of action and nothing

I loved how it was integrated
Nearly a part of the room
Not located at eye level
Since life brings treasures
in places quite unexpected

Cleverly it had a center
far away from the middle
And small focal points
each of them overly sure
they were the true center

It was surrounded by blur
impossible to distinguish
the boundaries of the core
from the rest of the world
Yes I am you and you are me

Impressive to say the least
About to give highest grade
A strong ten out of ten
Then the museum curator came
and sweeped the stain away