Between winter and spring

English Engelska الإنجليزيّة

The frost has drawn the stories of the night
Fractals on the windshield

I forgot my soft drink in the freezer
now it's all frozen and fragile
a touch and it breaks into pieces
That is how my skeleton feels

The grass wears white hats
it crunches under my shoes
I walk fast, hoping to get inside
before my bones fall apart

In the middle of the day
for an hour or two
the grass is green
windshields are clear
and the cold air is
close to almost

In English they call it "afterwinter"
it means "Why is it bloody winter cold?
Spring is supposed to come!".

In Swedish we call it "vårvinter"
literally "spring winter"
it means "After the long winter
we get a glimpse of spring.
Let's enjoy the two hours when
the bubbles of our bones
are released!"