I am an alchemist

English Engelska الإنجليزيّة

I can no longer see the walls
books cover my home
I have read every formula
everything humans know
about the world

I have a broken glass to drink from
and a timeworn pot to cook my meals
all other containers that I own
are reserved for alchemy

I live by the beach
my neighbours are palm trees
moving with the beat of the sea
olives and almonds grow in my garden
but no tree or plant excites me more
than the air that makes them sway

I used to think that air was nothing
just something without colour or taste
that slowed the raindrops down
now I know air is nitrogen, oxygen
and more, I even found some coal

using what is in the air we breathe
I make things the world has never seen
today there is a purple light
yesterday an explosion
what will happen tomorrow
no one knows
not even me

I am an artist without pencil or canvas
I create using air and heat
heat is for particles
what love is for humans
it makes them warm
makes them come together

the books are ready
waiting to fulfill their duty
of crashing down and die
any second, in my containers
a reaction will occur
and it will overturn
all human knowledge