I am

English Engelska الإنجليزيّة

Chicory is blue
a pale shade
they say
May so be
all I feel
is it's root pushing me
'cause I'm in it's way

I am a sewer pipe, they say
Full of shit
in a literally way

Suddenly one day
the excavator came
Finally after ten years
I saw the sky
On that particular day
the sky was gray

I was placed
on the roof of a van
by a glove-wearing man
People do not want
to get my shit
that is originally their shit
on their hand

The man drove me away
I am trash, they say

The sky was slate gray
and the wheat fields pale

The wind increased
and so the van's speed
Air flowed inside of me

They say I am a sewer pipe
on the way to become waste
and soon I'll be gone

But they are all wrong
I know I am a flute
whisteling my song