English Engelska الإنجليزيّة

my mother's mother's mother
I've head about her
weak and warm
most weak eventually
traveled not so much
cooked and cleaned
said yes dear ok

my mother's mother
I never forget her food
three-course meals
a house always clean
I was an adult when I knew
she liked cars not cooking
driving taxi was her passion
housework was her pain
I never forget her food
and her nerves

my mother
felt at home
when she wrote
went to university
when I was a child
we ate takeaway
in a dirty house
late nights we talked
about writing politics
and being a human
she refused the role
her mother accepted
everyone judged her
including herself
my sanity halts
when I think of her
how early she died

could not believe
a man so beautiful
wanted to talk to me
you cooked cleaned
and you liked it
my life would not
be a repeat of
woman before me

thought the worst
was a life of house work
never knew the stress
of papers, administration
you started company
I started company
damn all the papers
I helped you with
and you not me
meditation helped not
my heart accelerates
for every email

I know love
makes a healthy life
I know you want
to be different
want to change
I believe you
years and I believe you
and years
I still believe
because love
makes us idiots