English Engelska الإنجليزيّة

Listen, your name means merciful and grace. That's what internet says, accept it!
Anna means the sun stroking my face in the morning when I sleep.
Anna means my skin stroking the sunlight in the evening.
Anna means long nights awake. Nights hundred hours each. Nights of coding, nights of modeling the world I see and blending it with the world I feel.
Anna means the sun is a circle and the sky has the color #87CEEB.
I told the passerine when it landed on the bridge railing.
And she told me her nights are endless too.
She told me there is no use of describing her with a poem or with code.
Not even a feather of hers can be modeled, not with million lines.
She told me she knows I will try anyway because Anna means long nights awake where two worlds blend. Blend like water. Heal like water.