Poems of April

Waiting 2024-04-08

earth and moon just looking not touching waiting four and a half billion years you and me i

Wish You Were Here 2024-04-07

Hola Weather is good. Tapas: a lot. Drinks, who's counting? Saw a waterfall yesterday... just a hor

Rule of the writer 2024-04-06

"Her cheeks turned red" is an abomination in internal focalization Inside narrator's head th

Me and the tree and the moan 2024-04-05

We were looking at clouds. Me and the tree and the moan. I said the clouds look like cotton. Cosmic

Some bird 2024-04-04

Trees shrink during day and fatten at night Never will I know about the tufted duck I saw no tuf

Another day 2024-04-03

To my friend 2024-04-02

There must be more to life or perhaps there is not probably not for me I thought Always remembe