Twenty Little Poetry Projects

English Engelska الإنجليزيّة

Your face is a landscape that escaped from a landscape painting. (1)
With you, my gaze tasted the starry sky for the first time. (4)
Too much white makes the eyes cry. (3)
I am a constant in the ergodicity of my life. (8)
Each time I visit the museum in Torshälla, Sweden, I ask myself: why Ebeling and not me? (5)
Taste of the stem of the kale. (3)
The more I practice, the further I am from the goal. (9)
A bird in the sky, trapped in the blue. (12)
My apple tree is pruned a lot. (7)
The approximately of almost. (11)
Sashay away! (10)
I stood in front of the curator, insisting to hang my watercolour painting above the entrance. (13)
We all know that green eyes are bound to cry each midnight. (17)
Smell of apples that has been in the room for too long (3).
"Anna the small one" refused her nickname. (14)
The sparkly loaf, my daily bread. (16)
White makes the eyes laugh. (6)
Starry sky, I came closer and heard the rustle of cardboard. (4)
The sound of new born grass under the dogwalker's shoes. (3)
And the apples will rot in the tree this fall as well. (15)
أرسم عيونك كسكين
The half burned candle know what that means: I paint your eye like a knife. (19)
Gravel penetrating my skin that not yet has healed. (3)
When your behaviour sincerely say sorry, 6 570 lost days starts to awake. (2)
Your face is a landscape and each painting, before painted, is always blank. (20)