The mountain

English Engelska الإنجليزيّة

First it was a pile
a normal sized pile between us
we could still hold hands
and see eachothers eyes.

Then it grew into a hill
a lofty hill between us
substantial but we could
at least see the end of it.

Then it became a mountain
a giant mountain between us
I called your name in vain
I walked around not knowing
would I ever see you again
or would I walk forever along
this eternal circumference.

It became even more colossal
other mountains were intimidated
and no plane could cross it.
I knocked the cold surface saying
"please stop growing because I am
sending a space ship to take me to
my darling so do not become more
massive 'cause then the ship will crash"
and the mountain laughed and made
the earth shake, even the core shook
and the magnetism of two poles
went totally out of control.

It became unbelievably immense
the moon had to take turns around it.
I said "please do not grow any more
because then you will change the path
of the entire solar system and soon
the sun will no longer be in center"
and the mountain replied "now I'm
just a toe of the monster I'll become
my body is the paperwork sent to you
so far this year, it is only 11th of April
and the income-tax return season
has not yet begun.