Love is rust red

English Engelska الإنجليزيّة

"Gammal kärlek rostar aldrig" is a Swedish proverb.
"Old love never rusts."

The one who said it must not have loved long enough
to say to her husband for the hundredh and first time:
Do not throw milk packages in the green bin!
Probably, she never heard for the thousandh time:
Why do you never empty the dish washer?

It rains on all loves.
And eventually they rust.
First it's just a spot
shaped like two hands clinging
to the face in frustration.

Then it's a desert of
burning sand covering every
attempt to to say I'm sorry.

Then the surface cracks
and we see brittleness
of our togetherness.

When love rusts, we know
that rain is our enemy
and we must move closer
under our tiny umbrella.

When love rusts, we know
that time is a spare resource
and we must save it by
combining our seconds.